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Register for a class by calling (520) 836-0440 for personal service. 

Arizona Supreme Court Licensed Defensive Driving Classes.

MVD Licensed Traffic Survival Classes.

Complete your Defensive Driving course or Traffic Survival course in a classroom environment. Call (520) 836-0440.

Arizona Defensive Driving

When calling have the following on hand:

1) Citation

2) Drivers License

3) Any papers received from the court

4) Paper and pencil to write down information we may give you.

Traffic Survival School

1) Letter from Motor Vehicle Division (MVD)

2) Paper and pencil to write down information we may give you.

All approved Arizona Defensive Driving Schools are required to collect a state fee ($24), state surcharge fee ($45), school fee ($40), and the court diversion fee, which varies by court. Click on the Class Fees link on the left to find your total cost. All fees are payable with a money order.

Refund Policy for Defensive Driving School: Payment is due at time of class. If student pays but does not stay until class starts, the original money order will be given back to the student. If the student attends part of the class but leaves before completion because of illness, emergency, etc., the student may opt to attend the next class and no refund is given. If the student does not return to complete the class, we will be required to pay the state fees and keep the school fee, but will refund the student the court diversion fee.

Published class times are 5 hours, which includes a half hour registration period and a short break. Students must receive a minimum of four hours instructional time and a maximum of four and one-half hours pursuant to A.R.S. 28-3395.

Court rules require class completion 7 days prior to court date, although some local courts allow extensions.